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Established in 2013, EA Capital is one of Asia’s leading companies in cryptocurrency investment. EA Capital strives to resolve the issue of trust for the crypto-community on a fundamental level by providing people opportunities to connect with one another to transact in a new, yet safe environment in accordance with the principles of decentralized economy.Utilizing developing cryptocurrencies, EA Capital absorbs abundant funds from a growing number of investors in the world, then making strategic investments in exchanging different types of cryptocurrencies and mining cryptocurrencies.
Under the growing impact of cryptocurrencies in the international financial industry, EA Capital is strengthening its position with prominence within various influential markets which include but are not limited to: Dubai, Canada, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia and Australia. EA Capital strives to provide long-term value for billions of people worldwide who are interested in enriching themselves through the cryptocurrency market.


Taking the advantage of the development of blockchain technology, EA Capital issued the new cryptocurrency, EA COIN (EAG), in late 2017. EAG is an ambitious and wideranging blockchain project, aimed at disrupting the local merchant cryptocurrency payment business. This is a worldwide open source e-commerce marketplace platform that anomymously connects subscribers with local merchants. EAG’s platform is offered free to developers to ensure its availability to all app developers around the world in need EA’s solutions.

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EA Service

As part of EA’s major initiative, EAG will be able to fulfill the transactional role to provide investors and users with access to various services. EA aims to bring its members an array of local services that can be fully transacted via EAG, at a value that is favorable to its users. Services offered will range anywhere from fitness, health, education, maintenance and much more. The simplicity of paying for services using EAG means no more fees, no more dealing with fiat currencies, and ultimately hassle free conversions.

EA Products

EA will work with strategic partners to provide members with access to a suite of products that can be completely transacted by EAG. EA allows its users to use cryptocurrency to purchase products with the benefit of no fees or having to deal with converting back to fiat currency. Members will be able to simply use EAG to buy everyday products from an array of shops through EA’s platform. The process will be as simple as purchasing gift cards/credit through EA’s platform using EAG and then using those gift cards/credit at supported locations.

EA Investments

For members who want to bring EAG’s value and usability to larger projects compared to everyday purchases, then look no further. EA’s investment portal will allow its members to be a part of a community that collectively invests in real estate, mergers and acquisitions, foreign exchange, and trade. EA aims to bring its investors attractive opportunities with probability of high yield and returns. This allows for users to participate as an acting member of a holdings unit that can generate massive profit.


EA coin (EAG) is currently available on a few public exchanges. By 2020, EAG will be listed and traded on virtually any crypto exchange.


This exchange is designed for optimum security and protected by state of the art security services, while giving you the option to secure your account through the use of two-factor authentication.

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