Founded in 2013, EA Capital is one of the leading Asia companies in cryptocurrency investment. Utilizing developing crytocurrencies, EA Capital absorbs abundant funds from a growing number of investors in the world, then making investment in 4 main areas:

- Teaching necessary knowledge and skills related to cryptocurrency transactions.

- Exchanging different types of cryptocurrencies.

- Trading cryptocurrencies.

- Mining cryptocurrencies.

Under the growing impact of cryptocurrencies in the international financial circles, EA Capital is strengthening its position with the existence in 6 countries: Dubai, Canada, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, providing long-term values for billions of people who are interested in enriching themselves through cryptocurrency market.

well-qualified staffs


Professional Technicians


Expert advisors





We are focusing on 4 main areas to develop the market and bring the best investment opportunities for our customers

Our leading experts in trading cryptocurrencies are in charge of managing our funds of trading so that monthly profit can reach 10%- 30%.
Additionally, our excellent technicians are striving to double, or even fivefold the capacity of these machines to generate the profits of 20%-50%/month.
EA Exchange allows all users to make speedy transactions with low fees.
We organize courses, training for trading techniques, market researching with talented and experienced experts.