We are passionate in offering the most experienced and comprehensive services, through which you will become a smarter investor!

Financial Consultancy

Our 23 expert advisors are your own consultants in every transaction, every decision, as well as every success.

Investment Trust

Our wide range of profitable invesment packages are our strong commitment to your trust.


Our leading experts are also your own teachers in cryptocurrency knowledge and skills.


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In EA Capital, we measure our success by your success. Therefore, we are always willing to offer you a wide range of investment packages with a strong commitment to bring you stable profits every week. Let's take a look at different packages as follows


Starting At$200

That is a great fruition to bring you 4.20% per week.


Starting At$3,000

That is a great fruition to bring you 4.20% per week.


Starting At$10,000

That is a great fruition to bring you 4.20% per week.


Starting At$30,000

That is a great fruition to bring you 4.20% per week.

well-qualified staffs


Professional Technicians


Expert advisors





We gain a better understanding of your individual circumstances, challenges and objectives. We will then work with you, should you wish us to, in order to help you achieve these objectives. We work quickly and efficiently and keep you informed throughout the application process.

We will be your companion!

EA Capital is the leading crytocurrencies investment firm and one of the largest institutional owners of bitcoins. Making use of developing crytocurrencies, EA capital absorbs idle funds from a growing number of investors in the world.

Particularly focused on investing in 4 main areas:

  • - Training.

  • - Exchange.

  • - Trading.

  • - Mining crytocurrencies.

EA team is experienced in both traditional finance and the emergent blockchain technology.

Our staffs with excellent skills.

EA Capital is fulfilling its strategic investment human resources by building an extraordinary team and bringing industry-specific value-add resources to its portfolio companies.

We have:

  • - More than 350 well qualified staffs.

  • - More than 100 Professional Technicians.

  • - 7 Excellent chief excutive officers from 6 countries .

  • - 23 Expert advisors in technology.

We create the new trend in blockchain technology.

Within the next several years, we envision blockchains and digital currencies.

Without standstill in completing human being factors, updating the latest technology tendancies, using effectively the capital resources, soon after being one of the most trustworthy capital investment in the world.

We promise to bring you the best opportunity!

Coming to EA Capital, there are a wide range of benefits:

- Developed understanding about trading coin, update the latest crytocurrencies technology news.

- Passive monthly returns 18% of your portfolio.

- Participation in the affiliate program allows to make money.

- Exchange knowledge and have strong relationship with many investors, expert advisors in the worlds.

- Participate in international charity organization.

We contribute our efforts to build the bright future.

Is to act as the reliable capital investment in the world.

Help for more than:

- 100 million investors in the world have steadily revenues.

- 10 million consultants have a great opportunity in financial freedom

- 60 million people in developed countries get good jobs.

EA Capital create:

- big charity capital.

- big invesment community in the worldwide.


We are focusing on 4 main areas to develop the market and bring the best investment opportunities for our customers

Our leading experts in trading cryptocurrencies are in charge of managing our funds of trading so that monthly profit can reach 10%- 30%.
Additionally, our excellent technicians are striving to double, or even fivefold the capacity of these machines to generate the profits of 20%-50%/month.
EA Exchange allows all users to make speedy transactions with low fees.
We organize courses, training for trading techniques, market researching with talented and experienced experts.